TerraMax Organic Soil Inoculants

We use soil inoculants that are approved for organic use from TerraMax, an industry leader in inoculants. TerraMax is constantly testing and optimizing their products for increased yields that benefit us, the organic farmers.


An easy to use organic fertility solution that’s high in NP & K

Our pelletized chicken manure can be applied during the spring or fall with most pull behind spreaders (Chandler type spreaders work best). Chicken manure is easier to handle and outperforms both turkey and cow manure.

High in NP & K

While actual percentages vary slightly throughout the year, chicken manure pellets offer a solution that’s high in NP & K. A typical analysis puts our pellets at a 5-4-2 spread, very competitive and practical for organic farmers.

2nd Year Credits

Why spread the same amount of fertilizer every year? With chicken manure pellets, you’ll get second year fertility credit (first year availability is anywhere from 60-70%). We highly recommend you work with an agronomist to determine specific nutrient requirements.

Scott & Mark, Organic Farmers in Cokato

We’ve been using the raw manure from CFS with great success for a number of years.

Scott & Mark have been purchasing manure from CFS since 2012.

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