Organic Fertilizer Calculator.


We’re working on a calculator that will tell you exactly how much organic fertilizer (hopefully, our chicken manure pellets) you’ll need to use. For now, we’ve got a few rough estimates that will help you determine the amount of chicken manure you’ll need to apply.

How much chicken manure pellets should I apply when growing corn? 

When growing corn, there are a couple key questions to ask. First, what crop was before your corn? Was it corn? Of course, this drastically affects your fertility input. Once you’ve figured out the appropriate nutrient requirements, compare that with a chicken manure pellets analysis and available 1st year nutrients to determine exactly how much manure you need to grow corn.

Corn on corn: recommended 180 lbs of N (Nitrogen).

Corn / soybeans: recommended 140 lbs of Nitrogen.

If manure is applied to legumes, the available nitrogen should not exceed the removal of the crops.

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