Prepare to Start Increasing Organic Crop Yields with the Complete Nutrient System (yes, we are actually organic farmers)

Use our Pelletized Chicken Manure to Elevate Soil Fertility & Start Increasing Organic Crop Yields  

Manure applications offered by Crop Fertility Services can custom build your soil fertility to accurately reflect the recommendations of recent soil analysis. Pair with our line of seed for best results.

* We proudly deliver anywhere in the United States 

Start Increasing Your Organic Crop Yields With Our Pelletized, Chicken Manure Fertilizer Delivered Anywhere in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa (or the rest of the U.S)

 Manure vs. Traditional Fertilizing Options: The 5 Biggest Reasons To Why You Should Be Using Manure 

Builds Organic Soil Matter 

 Macro Nutrients

Micro Nutrients 

The Nutrient Advantage

2nd Year Credits

Builds Soil Organic Matter

+ Increase soils ability to hold more nutrients

+ Increase water holding capacity

+ Increase the Nitrogren Releasing Ability within the soil (more microbial Activity)

+Breakdown residue faster (speeds biological process) 

Macro Nutrients

+ N, P & K

Micro Nutrients

+ Sulfur

+ Magnesium


+ Calcium

+ Manganese

The Nutrient Advantage

Organic N

+ More stable N

+ Not susceptible to leaching or volitizing 


+ More available (especially in a higher ph), which is tied to a carbon source 


+ Vital for complete proteins

+ Helps plants resist disease and insects


+ Promote root growth

+ Promotes plant growth (cell division)

+ Vital for intercell communication

+ Helps plants uptake different nutrients

+ Floculate soil

+ Helps maintain soil structure

Elevate Your Soil Fertility and Increase Crop Yields with our Pelletized Chicken Manure, Delivered Anywhere.  

Start Building Healthier Soil Conditions

 When compared to its traditional fertilizer counter-part, manure offers both immediate and long-term benefits after application that fertilizer can’t provide. As we talk to farmers who have who have incorporated manure into their fertility, they are clearly recognizing the advantage manure offers to the long-term soil health of their fields. While nutrients will always be needed for healthy crops, farmers are reporting soil conditions are elevated to healthier, as well as more stable and consistent thanks to their decision to use manure.

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