Buy Chicken Manure Pellets in South Dakota

What’s the best fertilizer for growing organic sunflowers? Chicken manure pellets are an easy to applicate and effective source of Nitrogen needed for growing corn, spring wheat, flaxseed, hay, oats, rye and sunflowers. Crop Fertility Services has delivered chicken manure to South Dakota and the surrounding states since 2012.


Organic Fertilizer Delivered to South Dakota

Chicken manure is one of the top slow release organic fertilizers available to organic farmers in South Dakota. Pelleted chicken manure is easy to auger out of hopper bottom trailers, it stores well, and due to it’s low moisture content – farmers get higher nutrient percentages when compared to it’s raw counterpart.

High NPK Pelleted Chicken Manure Fertilizer SD

We pelletize our chicken manure using state of the art equipment that was completely upgraded during the Spring of 2018. Our pellet analysis ranges anywhere from 4-5% Nitrogren, 4-4.5% Phosphorus, and 2-3% Potassium depending on the time of year. 

Chicken Manure South Dakota

We take pride in being much more than just a place for organic farmers to buy chicken manure pellets. Our business model isn’t just on shipping chicken manure pellets aimlessly across the country.

Rather, we’re interested in building a relationship on a foundation of trust. Our farmers are not just clients. They’re our friends and we take pride in each and every farm we deliver our manure to.

Our pellets are not only high in the core nutrients NP and K, they also offer important micro nutrients like Zinc, Boron and Sulfur.

Farmers choose whether they’d prefer to spread the manure in Spring or Fall, often times side dressing on a spring corn planting.

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We’re just normal organic farmers, helping other organic farmers.