Buy Organic Seed

From Central Minnesota to the Dakota’s and Wisconsin, organic farmers purchase either Blue River Hybrids or Albert Lea seed by way of Crop Fertility Services. By working with our farmers on both seed and fertility, we’re able to keep close record of what’s working, and what’s not. This means a better understanding of increased yields, and how we can help bring you a better harvest.

Getting your Organic Seed doesn’t have to be stressful

Farmers order organic seed through us because it’s convenient (we can align seed shipments with pellet deliveries) and they know we put their yields first.

1- We’ll make you aware of deadlines and early order discounts

2- With farmers everywhere in the Upper Midwest, we’ve got a good understanding of what’s performing

3- Pick your seed up at our office, or work with us on delivery (get in touch to discuss)\

4- Regardless of crop, there isn’t a seed we cannot get for you.

We’re not just selling organic inputs, we’re committed to changing how we learn & farm. Learn more at

Organic Approved Fertilizer

We sell and distribute pelletized chicken manure to organic farmers in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Michigan and beyond.

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Organic Seed Dealer

We are an authorized dealer of both Blue River Hybrids and Viking (Albert Lea) organic seeds, this covers everything from corn to cover crops.

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Seed Innoculants

Need organic approved seed innoculant? We’ve got you covered. We’re a dealer of TerraMax innoculants and use them ourselves.

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We’re just normal organic farmers, helping other organic farmers.