Buy Blue River Hybrids Organic Non-GMO Soybean Seed.

Blue River is a leading organic seed production company based in Ames, Iowa. They offer organic corn, organic soybeans, and alfalfa / forages.


Product IDMaturityComment
08F60.8Early food grade soybean with very good yield potential
12A21.2Yields 8-10% above location averages
13P81.3Has the Rps2a gener, giving it great PRR
1F441.4Proven performer over several years
15C61.5Excellent yield potential
17C21.7Excellent yield potential
18C71.8Excellent yield potential
19AR11.9Excellent stress tolerance
20FC62.0Very good yield potential
21C62.1Excellent yield potential
2A122.1Excellent yields over multiple years
22DC62.2Excellent yield potential
26F02.6Good yield potential
21F32.6Yellow hilum, 43.9% protein dry matter basis
27AC52.7Excellent yield potential and agronomics
31C63.1Strong agronomic background

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