Buy Blue River Hybrids Non-GMO Organic Corn Seed.

Blue River is a leading organic seed production company based in Ames, Iowa. They offer organic corn, organic soybeans, and alfalfa / forages.


Product IDMaturityComment
06B21C76Extremely early hybrid with very good emergence
09R19C79A great choice for grain or silage
14A91C82Excellent yield potential in northern environments
21A10C85Very good yield potential across many environments
23A71C86Responds positively to higher fertility
26A17C88Very good emergence and early growth; excellent dry-down
27B16C88Above average plant height with racehorse yield potential
27B50C88Medium stature plants with excellent yield potential
33A16C92Excellent yield potential in an early 90 day hybrid
34C17C94Excellent emergence and early growth; very good ear flex
35M70C94Winning combination of yield potential and agronomics
37K90C95Very good yield potential
38G54C96Very good yield potential
40R73C97Very good yield potential
45G28C100Very good yield potential

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