Buy Blue River Hybrids Organic Non-GMO Alfalfa / Sorghum / Forage Seed.

Blue River is a leading organic seed production company based in Ames, Iowa. They offer organic corn, organic soybeans, and alfalfa / forages.



Product IDDormancyComment
BlueJayApex CNV4Glandular haired alfalfa that provides potato leafhopper resistance
Red Falcon Apex4This branch rooted alfalfa stays productive in poorly drained soils
Roadrunner CNV4Our top selling alfalfa for multiple years, limited supply
GoldEagleApxCNV4Hybrid alfalfa with proven performance
SkylarkApex CNV4Reduced lignin, high quality forage
Wren Apex CNV4Sunken crown, protects from wheel and animal traffic, also "open" winters
Swift Apex4High yielding variety with excellent resistance to stem nematode
KingbirdApexCNV5Excellent yield potential and high quality
Robin Apex CNV5Excellent yield and forage quality potential
Quail Apex 5Excellent yield potential with very good traffic tolerance
MallardApexCNV 5Fall dormancy 5 with fast recovery

Sorghum Sudangrass

Product IDComment
Black Hawk 12Excellent forage during the heat of summer, when other forage grasse are less productive
Sea Hawk 6 Produces a high-tillering, high quality forage with good early vigor
Nighthawk 6 A unique sorgum sudangrass product that has both the BMR-6 gene and brachytic dwarfing gene, which improves standability and harvest.
Pelican BD 6 BMR gene and Brachytic Dwarfing gene provide strong stalks for excellent standability. Best for "dry" hay, and rotational grazing

Red Clover

Product IDComment
Red-Wing BlendVNS blend of medium red clover

Grain Sorghum

Product IDComment
52R7 Very early grain sorghum with excellent standability and drought tolerance
59CT4Excellent drought tollerance
63WT6 Organic Tan plant with good grade white grain
63C5 Excellent drought tolerance
67B4 Excellent early growth in cooler soils; cosistent high yields
74BAT7 Highly tolerant to sugarcane aphid; consitent, stable performance
76WT4 High yielding food grade

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