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Thinking about planting Blue River Seed? The vast majority of the Blue River product line is certified organic and their Kelley, Iowa plant only conditions Non-GMO seed.


Crop Fertility Services is proud to partner with Blue River Hybrids as a dealer of their organic, non-GMO seeds

Blue River is a leading organic seed production company based in Ames, Iowa. They offer organic corn, organic soybeans, alfalfa and forages.


Starting at 76 day maturity, Blue River Hybrids offers over 25 different varieties of seed corn. Their products are suitable in just about every organic operation.

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Blue River offers over 23 different soybean varieties, in nearly every maturity range (especially those desired in the Midwest).

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Alfalfa / Forages / Sorghum

With 5+ varieties of alfalfa and a collection of forages/sorghum, Blue River offers a very competitive product with their seed.

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Why Blue River?

For organic farmers that want to support a company doing everything they can to offer their own, one of a kind varieties of seed, Blue River is it. They’ve developed a highly competitive line of products that stack up quite well even against conventional varieties.

Scott, co-owner of Crop Fertility Services plants Blue River products every year.

Blue River Hybrids

View recent trial studies from Blue River Hybrids.

Blue River Hybrids soybeans take home high yields of x y and z, outperforming several conventional trials at the University of Minnesota Field Day in 2017.

Watch an in-depth interview with Blue River Hybrids’ Scott Ausborn at their Ames, Iowa home office.

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