We Sell Chicken Manure Pellets to Organic Farmers


Organic Farmers need a non-traditional, easy to handle fertility option that works

We take pride in being much more than just a place for organic farmers to buy chicken manure pellets. Our model isn’t just built on selling bulk chicken manure by the truckload. Rather, it’s on forming a partnership and a relationship built on trust with the farmers we serve, year after year. We believe that pelletized chicken manure as an organic fertilizer is one of the most practical fertility inputs for organics.

We’re not just selling organic inputs, we’re committed to changing how we learn & farm. Learn more¬†at ConnectOrganic.com.

Crop Fertility Services

From left: Scott Niemela, Brian Halonen, plus farmer / client Steven Skaalman of Litchfield, Minnesota.

Visit Us At A 2018 Organic Conference!

The 2018 Conference Season is officially underway. Visit the Crop Fertility Services Booth at an organic conference in Minnesota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin. We will be at the Minnesota Organic Conference (Jan 11-13) in St. Cloud Minnesota, the Northern Plains Sustainable Ag (NPSAS) Conference in Aberdeen South Dakota (Jan 25-27) and the MOSES Conference in Lacrosse Wisconsin (Feb 22-24). We look forward to seeing you there!

Organic Approved Fertilizer

We sell and distribute pelletized chicken manure to organic farmers in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Michigan and beyond.

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Organic Seed Dealer

We are an authorized dealer of both Blue River Hybrids and Viking (Albert Lea) organic seeds, this covers everything from corn to cover crops.

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Seed Inoculant

Need organic approved seed innoculant? We’ve got you covered. We’re a dealer of TerraMax innoculants and use them ourselves.

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We’re real organic farmers that use the products we sell

From our manure inputs to soybean inoculant and the seed itself, we do not (and will not) sell a product we don’t use ourselves. Our goal is to increase your organic yields and it starts by understanding how our products perform.

We’re just normal organic farmers, helping other organic farmers.