We Sell OMRI Listed Chicken Manure Pellets to Organic Farmers

Our chicken manure pellets are an approved high NPK organic fertilizer option for farmers anywhere. Crop Fertility Services, CFS, puts a priority on trust. We understand that without a foundation of trust with each and every one of our farmers, we cannot succeed as an organic fertilizer company. Download our OMRI Certificate.


Organic Farmers need an easy to handle, high NPK organic fertilizer option that works. Chicken manure pellets meet those requirements.

We take pride in being much more than just a place for organic farmers to buy chicken manure pellets. Our model isn’t just built on selling bulk chicken manure by the truckload (we do sell 1 ton tote bags as well). Rather, it’s on forming a partnership and a relationship built on trust with the farmers we serve, year after year. We believe that pelletized chicken manure as an organic fertilizer is one of the most practical fertility inputs for organics.

Our pelleted chicken manure offers a high nitrogen analysis, is free of weed seeds and contains no bedding or additives. We deliver chicken manure throughout Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan and beyond.

Why should I use chicken manure pellets on my organic farm? Not only is pelleted chicken manure high in core nutrients NP and K, it offers critical micro nutrients like Zinc, Boron and Sulfur. Farmers choose whether they’d prefer to spread the manure in Spring or Fall, often times side dressing on a spring corn planting.

One of the main reasons organic farmers continue to turn towards chicken manure is due to the essential plant nutrients it offers. Pelleted poultry manure gives farmers an easy to handle product that includes Nitrogren, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur (8-10 lbs per ton), Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Cholorine, Boron, Iron, and Molybdenum. Our pellets typically range in the 4-5% N, 4-4.5% Phosphorus, and 2-3% Potassium range. Download our label for more information. As most farmers are aware, manure is a living, varying product. Our pellet label indicates as such, we will have an updated analysis upon quoting.

These include all 13 of the essential plant nutrients that plants use. Poultry manure can provide a portion, or all of the requirements necessary (depending on how much chicken manure pellets are applied.

These valuable plant nutrients come from everything the chickens consume and the final product is approved for organic use.

A word on guaranteed analysis: farmers understand that manure varies throughout a pile. For that reason, we provide updated analysis, but do not guarantee an analysis.

We’re not just selling organic inputs, we’re committed to changing how we learn & farm. Learn more at ConnectOrganic.com.

Spreading Your Pellets


We do not offer custom spreading with our pellet delivery, so it will be up to the farmer to get their pellets applied in a timely manner. The spreader pictured here, a Chandler spreader, is one of the best options for spreading poultry litter. With that being said, if you have access to any pull behind type spreader, it should work just fine.

Getting Pellets Delivered


We have the capability to deliver pellets in either an end dump trailer, or a hopper bottom style trailer – whichever is more convenient for you. Busy time for pellets is around planting and harvesting, of course, so farmers that call several months in advance have priority shipping dates. For last minute orders, we deliver at the earliest convenience. If you’re considering ordering chicken manure pellets, we highly recommend you do so at least 4-6+ weeks in advance.

Crop Fertility Services

From left: Scott Niemela, Brian Halonen, plus farmer / client Steven Skaalman of Litchfield, Minnesota.

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We sell and distribute pelletized chicken manure to organic farmers in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Michigan and beyond.

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We’re real organic farmers that use the products we sell

From our manure inputs to soybean inoculant and the seed itself, we do not (and will not) sell a product we don’t use ourselves. Our goal is to increase your organic yields and it starts by understanding how our products perform.

We’re just normal organic farmers, helping other organic farmers.